Friday, February 15, 2013

Hair Envy

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From classic bouffants, to braided crowns, to a voluminous short do - I LOVE them all. Seeing short styles is seriously making me want to chop off my hair again {I had a short bob in high school!} But the thought of losing my long locks has me scared to pieces. If only we could have the best of both worlds!

What hairstyle are you currently envying?

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! :)
Cheers to a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am forever stuck in my loose waves + ombre, I have had this style for 3 years and I can't kick it ;)

  2. I am right there with Steph. I love my loose waves...but I am loving all things braided. I just haven't been brave enough to try any of them! XoXo

  3. Ooo these are fabulous. I've been going through a bit of a hair moment right now too! I want to chop it, I don't, I want it sleek straight, then I change my mind... Lol - of course the braided one kind of gives the illusion of shorter hair without the commitment so that's a fun option!!! xo

  4. There are so many adorable up do hairstyles and the accessories to add are limitless if you need a change and think about cutting your hair. I have always regretted my impulsiveness in the past running to the beauty shop cutting my hair (which takes years to grow out) or getting a color or a style like a celebrity, which only looked great on them! Your hair is beautiful, I am sure there are many people that wish they had your hair, I do!

  5. I really really really want to learn how to do the milk braid! Its adorable!
    Hope you've had a great weekend!


  6. I am all over those milk maid braids! I have been waiting for a few of my layers to grow out so I can finally rock that look without looking like a nut case haha

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style

  7. Loving Rihanna's ombre look and Nicole Ritchie's simple waves and bangs combo. My theory on hair is that as you get older your hair tends to look less healthy/pretty/full, etc. So rock long hair while you're young.

  8. wish i could do my hair like the loose waves + ombre! gorgeous locks! x

    & Pretty Things

  9. I love all those hairstyles! I wish I could do my hair like that, but its way to thin :( They are all adorable though, great post!

  10. oh I need to learn how to do fancy hair on myself. this stress bun I am rocking at my desk isnt exactly working.

  11. would love to master that sidebraid/low bun look.... my hair is so long that i would actually probably work! thanks for the inspiration!


  12. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,


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