Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life As of Late

one. Found the perfect Nine West cobalt blue heels at Nordstrom Rack. | two. Some of my go-to items. | three. Found this three tier glass container at TJ Max/Home Goods and thought it would be perfect for my jewelry! | four. A beautiful sunrise. God's work at its best. | five. Put together another bookcase for my shoes, which came out crooked. But hey, I put it together all by myself so that's something, right?! | six. Snakeskin pants, lace top, a trench, and nude heels for work. | seven. New rings and new cuff all from the Paragon outlets in Livermore. | eight. A mini Pour la Victoire bag that was on super-sale at the Bloomingdale's outlet. So wanted it! | nine. My new favorite bracelet from ILY Couture and new Juicy Couture watch. | ten. A lipstick and lip gloss junkie for sure. Only a small amount from my collection. | eleven. A morning trip to the Dry Bar for a blowout with my auntie. | twelve. The most delicious and scrumptious sweet potato fries from the Yardhouse in Santana Row. Not pictured is the maple bacon dipping sauce that goes with it! Most heavenly thing you could ever taste.

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  1. Lovely Pictures! :-)

  2. Love your instagram pictures. Those cobalt blue heels are amazing, such a great pop of color. Can you believe I still have not received a blowout? I really feel like I am missing out. I have to work on changing this. Which did you choose from the menu?

  3. beautiful picts! Cobalt blue heels are stunning! Like so much also the watch!
    Following you now! :)

    New post on my blog!
    Let me know what u think!

  4. Shoot - I meant bracelet! Typing too fast :)

  5. great shots! what software do you use for editing and making/numbering your collages?


  6. Such cute pictures!! Your heels are adorable :) And you really can never go wrong with sweet potato fries. Probably my all time favorite snack.

  7. i wish there was a LIKE button for all of those!! i seriously need to do the whole bookcase/show display thing! love these shots lady!!


  8. I love the glass storage container! I need to look out for something similar!


    Five Minute Style 

  9. I have a small addiction to sweet potato fries! Those sound simply divine!

    Haute Child in the City

  10. Seriously need to grab some glass tubs for my jewelry!!

  11. I love the "snakeskin pants in SIX. My mom who is the FASIONISTA of my family purchased me a pair and they sooooo ROCK! Everyone comments and can't believe my 66yr old mother got them for me! She buys most of my HOT pieces. LOL


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