Monday, January 28, 2013

Building Your Wardrobe :: The Essentials

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Call them wide-leg or flare - whatever the name, this jean is definitely a must-have in all of women's wardrobes. The best thing about this jean is that it makes any woman appear insanely tall, and who doesn't want that?! (my 5'3" frame loves it!) And when paired with wedges, heeled clogs, or boots, it allows the jean to lightly graze the ground, giving an instant slimming effect. Score and score. 
I love how these ladies above paired their flared jeans. Take note by pairing a loose sweater, moto jacket, and beanie for a refined yet laid back look (my fav). Or step into Spring by pairing white flared jeans with a feminine blouse for a fresh, ladylike look. And lastly, by pairing a pair of dark wash flared jeans with a detailed top and fitted blazer, a pair of jeans become suddenly work appropriate. The options are endless.
Now, time to get yourself a pair!

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  1. I forget how much I love this style of jean until I see photos. I must dig out a pair from the bottom of my drawers.

    Luxx Mint

  2. I have to say these jeans are my favorite jeans, they remind me of the 60's lol I love all of your build your wardrobe posts.

  3. I have yet to get a great pair of flares but I'm def on the look out!

  4. Nothing makes me feel awesome quite like the long flair jean... Being that I'm 5'1... even a petite makes me look taller! And I'll take it... great tips!

  5. All I need to do now is finally get shoes that work with mine...the hardest part if you ask me!

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  7. Love me some flares!!! They look great on EVERYONE (short girls just grab some heels!) I definitely need to get a white pair this season

  8. I use to wear flare jeans most days but I don't wear them enough anymore! they are way more comfy than my skinny jeans!


    Five Minute Style 


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