Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lucky FABB Day 1 :: Favorite Moments

On the way to the conference.

SO excited to have seen the Man Repeller speak. She trekked in late to the conference due to traffic, and in true Leandra fashion, walked in saying "I'm SO sorry I'm late!" It was perfect.

Blogger snapshot.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Rachel Zoe. I was even her for Halloween! See here. So Yes, I obviously died. (And cried, maybe...just a little.) 
Rachel was nothing short of amazing. She spoke right to my heartstrings when she said that people used to always tell her that she would never make it in the business of fashion because she was too nice. Man, can I relate with that one! More on that another time...

LC. Oh my gosh, who didn't grow up on Laguna Beach and the Hills? Absolutely loved seeing Lauren, and her outfit was about the cutest thing ever. Also happened to love that we were both rockin' high buns and winged liner. :)

What I Wore: top - Ann Taylor / skirt - Kate Spade / heels - Anne Klein / Bag - Alexander Wang / jewelry - Bauble Bar, BCBGeneration, Vintage Chanel, Anthropologie, Bfrend (c/o), Social Experiment (c/o) / Heart Clip :

When I found that Kate Spade skirt with the New York skyline, I KNEW I had to wear it for FABB. :)

Me and my girl, Erika and her amazing bag.

Among the bustling streets. P.S. totally just noticed that guy! HA.

Had such a wonderful day at the conference, meeting new friends, reuniting with old, and hearing some pretty darn amazing people speak. Feeling blessed for this amazing opportunity.
*all photos by me


  1. Looks like a fabulous time! You look really fantastic-quintessentially NYC!


  2. you are just sooo adrobs! looking stylish, lauren! loved following along on twitter as it happened. x

  3. You look darling. Ummmmm I was her for Halloween too!!!!! It was right when her show began. hahaha! I would have cried a little too!!! So excited you got to see her as well as Leandra and LC!!!

  4. Haha, I totally love the guy blatantly checking you out! (c: Awesome. And that is pretty much a once in a lifetime experience, being around all those incredible women!!! I've heard all sorts of raving about Rachel Zoe, I'm going to have to check it out!

  5. You are the cutest love this post! xo

  6. You are too cute!!! I am so happy we finally got to meet in person. You are just as fabulous inside as you are outside. So happy you had such a great time at LuckyFABB. And we MUST keep in touch!!!

  7. So incredibly excited for you that you got this amazing opportunity! I loveeee RZ, LC, and Leandra. Such fashionistas. And you look gorg- that heart hair piece is so cute!

  8. Love your skirt - you look equally as lovely as Lauren did!

  9. I love that skirt! That is so awesome that you got to see them speak! What a dream!


  10. omg you looked absolutely AMAZING! Love everything about your outfit! and I am so jealous you went to that!! lucky you! <3

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! It must've been amazing to hear all those wonderful women speak, Rachel Zoe and Lauren Conrad are two my faves!


  12. You look amazing with your perfectly themed skirt and that heart bun detail. It's amazing you got to see and hear those fabulous ladies speak their minds and provide further inspiration.

  13. I love Rachel Zoe also, that's hilarious that you were her for Halloween! Love it! You look beautiful!
    xo, amy

  14. looks like such a great time! How nice that you got to see RZ speak! I saw her at Whole Foods once and said hi and acted like a total idiot I think!

  15. thats awesome! I was living vicariously through you and all the other girls instagrams lol! hopefully next year I will be able to go to the IFB conference! you look so cute - love your hair!

  16. I love your hair up in a high bun, I can never get mine to go right! All your pictures make me wanna go to New York so bad!


  17. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got hear the Man Repeller, Rachel Zoe, and Lauren Conrad speak, and all in a day!

    It looks like you had a blast at Lucky FABB! I love your OOTD. I wish I could get my hair to do that, and you're right, the Kate Spade skirt with a New York skyline was perf.

    Samantha J. Yee
    Sam Goes Glam

  18. Oh..MY...GOSH...could you be any more city chic??! Lovin the look!
    And great photos from the conference!


  19. I love you style very classic yet stylish,love your hair

  20. Great photos! Love you outfit, that skirt is so pretty!

  21. Loved meeting your adorable self. You are the cutest. And, excellent photos! xo

  22. Your blog is kinda cool. And I kinda love going here! One of my fav posts, this one, too :)
    Sending love! Maybe we can follow each other?


  23. You look so cute! What color lipstick do you use?
    Nikki at


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