Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Snapshots....{& SOHO Brush Giveaway Winner!}

Replenished my Kerastase Ciment Thermique and bought some other new hair goodies. Will let you know how they work! :)

Outfit details featuring my favorite Max & Chloe monogram necklace and sequin heart!

One of my favorite arm parties, featuring {gifted} Bfrend bracelet, Anthropologie cuff, Poshlocket cuff {c/o}, and vintage Chanel.

A new favorite.

Some gorgeous new artwork thanks to the lovely Laura Trevey.

Some great new thrift store finds!

Thrifted Chanel-inspired jackets - so excited about these!

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NOW, for the winner of the SOHO 5 Beauty Brush Giveaway!!!
The winner is....

Congratulations lady! :) Will be emailing you soon!
Thanks again to everyone who entered!
One day left for the giveaway :)


  1. You found some amazing items thrifting! That bag looks so similar to the new coach styles. And those Chanel-inspired jackets are amazing!

  2. Love your life photos. I am thinking of treating myself to a Max and Chloe necklace for my birthday the end of Sept. I'm debating to I put my maiden name on the monogram? Hmmm....divorce creates so many changes and the decisions are endless! xo

  3. Love everything about your blog and have gotten some great ideas and advice from it. I am curious about your new hair products and how they work so please post. Also, I love your new necklace so awesome I would be wearing it to bed! Have a wonderful time in New York with a safe journey with fashionista memories!

  4. Love your blog!

  5. I need to have that Anthropologie cuff! I saw a girl in my class wearing it but they only have green online :( guess I will have to go find it! Cute pics


  6. I love Lauras work! she is so amazing! I have a few of her things! I also LOVE those thrifted jackets you lucky girl! where did you snag those? :)

  7. aaaah lovely snaps girly! I really like those snakeskin pointed heels, the artwork, okay well pretty much everything! And....I can't wait to read how the products work!


  8. Thanks for the shout out Lauren! You are the best ~

    Wishing you a very happy holiday weekend!!

  9. Yay!!! I cant wait to try these brushes out! Thank you =D !!

  10. So many great buys! I'm totally jealous of those tweed jackets. Darling little blog you have here, really enjoying it :)


  11. Apparently I need to come vintage shopping with you! I never have much luck clothing-wise at the Goodwills around Atlanta and am unaware of any other places to scout for vintage finds! :( Love your haul, though! The jackets & python heels are my favorites.

    via Emily

  12. I'm so obsessed with that necklace of yours!

  13. Is that the DANNIJO one?! If not, where is it from?

  14. lauren, how it took me this long to come across your blog is beyond me! i am in love with your thrify-ness. those chanel inspired tweed blazers are stunning and that necklace! i ordered mine couple of weeks ago, and i'm STILL waiting for it to arrive. i'm too impatient.

    anyway, i'm your newest follower!


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