Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Cap-Toe Heels

The How-To:

What You Need: Painter's tape, 2 garbage bags, Scissors, and Floral metallic spray paint (less likely to chip)
*note: please disregard the other materials in picture 1. That was for my DIY glitter heels! :)

Step 1: take one of the garbage bags and lay it down in order to protect from the spray paint getting everywhere. Make sure to hold down the garbage bag with lots of rocks, especially if it's windy!

Step 2: Take an old pair of heels - I used an old pair of patent leather heels - and line them up perfectly next to one another. Then, take the painter's tape and place the first strip however far back you want your cap-toe to be. Then do the same for the next heel, making sure the lines are perfectly straight across. After those strips of tape are adhered, start taping up the shoe about 1/4 of the way. Make sure the tape covers the side of the show as well. 

Step 3: cut up pieces from your second garbage bag, and then wrap it around the entire heel. Take some tape and adhere the bag to the bottom of the heel, so you are certain it won't move. Make sure the area you will be spray painting is wiped clean of dust.

Step 4: Take your spray paint and hold it 1 foot away from the shoe, and start spraying on thin layers by sweeping the spray can from side to side. NEVER leave the spray can pointed in one direction or it will cause paint bubbles & paint drip. No bueno. Apply as many thin layers as you'd like, until you get the color you desire.

Step 5: Let dry at least 4 hours, if not more. I tend to be pretty impatient so that was hard. But the longer you wait, the less likely the paint will bleed when tearing off the tape. When tearing off the tape, make sure you pull off the tape very slowly, so no paint gets messed up. 

Step 6: Admire your beautiful creation! :)

Some Things I wish I knew: 
1) When taping off the shoe, make sure to tape the bottom of the heel as well! I didn't think it would bleed, but when spraying the sides of the heel, some spray paint went onto the bottom of the shoe. Not that big of a deal. But, I ended up fixing it by painting on some black sharpie! 

2) Make sure to buy a sealant!!! I did not, and after wearing the heels one time, I already scuffed up the paint. Going to have to now apply another layer of spray paint and then a layer of sealant. Not sure what sealants they have out there for this kind of project, so if you do know - please share!

For this project, I referred to this tutorial for help.


  1. These turned out super cute!! I love all your DIY's!


  2. ooohh! these shoes are really lovely now!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the correct type of spray to use. Hope you find sealant!

  4. I've been seeing cap-toe heels/shoes in every magazine for "what's hot for fall". Such a cute and affordable DIY!

    Life Unsweetened

  5. Snazzy!!! You DIYs inspire me to try one myself; although I fear my attempts won't turn out nearly as fabulous!


  6. So fun! I've been admiring all the capped toe shoes I've seen of late. But even better than buying a new pair would be giving new life to a pair I haven't worn in a while. Thanks for the tip!
    Erin| Holtwood Hipster

  7. I've totally been toying with the idea of doing this myself--I haven't found a pair I'm in love with yet, but I love the look with metallics or neon. Yours came out great!

    The Glossy Life

  8. Lor,
    I would use clear nail polish (topcoat) to seal the color. I did this with my iphone covers with the rhinestone so they won't fall out. Just paint the topcoat evenly with the same stroke and thickness....

  9. Looks great! I've been needing to do this on a pair of booties I have :).

  10. Krylon makes a great spray varnish, Lauren - use that!

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  12. These are so cute! Such a good idea!

  13. OMG....this is such a bright idea! You're one smart lady to venture in a cap toe shoes the results!


  14. What an awesome DIY! Your results are fantastic! I love cap-toe heels but have yet to find the perfect pair. I'm definitely just going to do this myself!!!

    xo Jenny

  15. HI Lauren! It's great to meet you too via ALT! I adore your blog and your are so adorable. Love your recent style posts with your bun too. I gotta try that asap.

  16. this is AMAZING! I'm SOO going to try this Lauren! x

  17. That is such a good idea!! I will have to try it!

  18. fab DIY! I'm loving cap toe pumps. This is such a fun way to transform old shoes!


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