Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Happy Weekend

This weekend, I plan to get organized! And it starts with my closet. Turning towards Aimee of Song of Style's closet for inspiration. Any weekend plans?

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  1. That has been on my to do list for several months now! :-)

  2. Wow her closet is dreamy! I just took out all of my summer clothes a couple of week-ends ago and I actually got so excited about it. I can't wait until I have a big enough space for my closet to be able to keep it this organized!
    Wishing you a great week-end!

  3. What an awesome organized closet!! and a good reminder haha
    Have a great (productive!) weekend Lauren!

  4. Good luck with the organisation! I I love this closet!! I have no exciting weekend plans I have to work boo :(


  5. Fabulous closet! Have a great weekend, Lauren :)

    Laura xo

  6. Wow something like this is my dream closet. I wish you fun by organize your closet and a wonderful weekend.
    xo, Petra

  7. Oh this is someone's closet. How wonderful. I want to have a closet like that one day...

  8. I'm getting organizes this weekend too! My room and bathroom need a definite tidy! Tomorrow I'm heading to a flea market for the first time ever! Excited.
    Good luck with the closet darling.

  9. this closet is beautiful. and i am actually JUST about to dive into my bedroom. lots to clean and organize. i think it will be a low key weekend.
    enjoy yours! :)

  10. Good luck with the closet! I recently did this when I moved ... Great feeling once it's done!

  11. I want my closet to look exactly like that hahaha
    I definitely got the ball rolling by organizing my clothing.
    I'm going to Santa Monica this weekend! Have a good one!


  12. Love it! I'd love to have a 3rd of what's IN that closet!!

  13. I think that is one of the things I most like organizing! I sooo enjoy geting my closet tidy and organized... it makes me feel good and relaxed!

    So... well done and happy hope that you got everything done on the weekend :)

    Love from:


  14. great inspiration! i recently organized my closet as well, had a little too much fun doing it to hahah.

    xo SideSmile,

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  15. Good luck...nothing is more satisfying then the end result!

  16. Hope you had a great weekend of organizing! :) I did the same thing yesterday! Doesn't it feel so good to be organized! I know it makes getting dressed much easier!

    xo Kayla


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