Thursday, March 1, 2012

Currently Obsessing Over

1. Miroslava Duma - What more is there to say?  This girl is a fashion genius. She's so good, she made a varsity jacket look chic
2. Faux fur - a fall and winter staple, don't think I will ever get over this look.
3. Floral - pants, shoes, tops, vests, I am loving it all. And how chic is it mixed with stripes? LOVE.
4. Tribal Inspired Prints - from the patterns to the rich hues, with a little bit of bohemian-esque, I am loving it all. And that clutch is uhhmazing. Anyone know where it's from?!
5. Polka dots. Polka dots. Polka dots. - pretty much one of my most favorite things. And Kate Spade rocked it out at NYFW with double the dots!
6. Brights - this bright yellow has got me going bananas {no pun intended}. 
7. Brad Goreski - pretty much want to be BFF's with him and his boyfriend Gary. For those who watch the show, the last episode, oh em gee. Had me laughing and crying all at once.
8. Hot Pink Lips - super loving a dewy clean face with a bright lip. Perfect for Spring.
9. Macaroons - anyone who knows me, knows I am highly addicted/obsessed with macaroons. 
It is the closest thing I will ever get to Paris. {Pistachio is my fav!}

Happy Thursday! What are you currently obsessing over?


  1. You've pretty much covered everything I'm craving for spring! And those macaroons in pastel! Genius! x

  2. Oh this post is loaded with goodness. I am determined to find some good yellow denim for spring.

  3. I truly agree with every one of these! How is that possible? Especially Miroslava Durma, flora, pink lips, and polka dots. I might had layered jewelry to the list...there is always next time!

  4. I'm with you on dots and tribal! I'm dying for some pretty tribal shorts ;)

  5. I want the hot pink lipstick! What a gorgeous shade! And the tribal trend is so fun!

  6. I'm obsessing over polka dots, pastels, and bright pink lips (too!).

  7. Love it all! What do you use to put your pictures together and title them all?

  8. I am obsessed with Macaroons as well. They are almost too pretty to eat but too yummy not to eat!! Miroslava is unbelievable. Does she ever look bad!??! xoxo elizabeth

  9. Right there obsessing over hot pink lips and tribal with you! Great obsessions Lauren!

  10. the finale of It's A Brad Brad World was incredible - I seriously love Brad. And Will + Grace is one of my all time top shows, so Gary too of course! Great picks!

  11. Loved the finale episode of It's a Brad Brad World! They are both adorable!

  12. Just love your blog and can't wait to see what your going to surprise us with next...Just love colors and always have. The colored jeans have come back, so much more to work with when putting your outfit together. Also, loved the finale of Brad, Brad World too. I wrote him a note on his blog with happy ink! Love him and Gary.... Congratulations on the excellent diversity on your blog...

  13. MINT! And faux fur, and florals, and brights, and dots... you covered a lot of 'em! I am seriously dying for some mint nail polish, though...

  14. Agreed on all accounts!! Love them all!!

    Chelsea (

  15. hot pink lips and brights! yes please!


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