Friday, November 18, 2011

Button Up & SF Event

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Chic outwear is one thing you can't live without. There are so many styles to choose from, from button up military style to a classic trench. #1 I just purchased from Nordstrom's half-yearly sale and I already know it's going to be my fall staple. Which of these coats strikes your fancy?

Now, for all y'all Bay Area Bloggers....

So excited for this awesome event this Sunday, with the amazing help of Angie and Eli!
If you live in the SF Bay Area, please come and join us!
Would love to meet you :)

*P.S. be sure to check out what I am thankful for over at Bright Bold & Beautiful...
AND, Next week we got some fabulous bloggers sharing 5 things they are thankful for this year. So stay tuned ;)

Happy Happy Friday!


  1. #2 is my fave - I love the skirt like bottom design, so chic!

    a peek of chic

  2. Love a good coat, and I love all of these!!

  3. the coats are never enough

    I would have hundreds

    Visit me also

  4. A white coat is so classy ~ love number 6 ~ and thanks again for your beautiful guest post on BB&B ~ it is truly lovely, and you have a lot to be thankful for!!

    xoxo Laura

  5. It's hard to pick a favorite but I think I'm going with # 2! Love that navy & brown with a bit of flare!

  6. I'm a trench girl too! And good luck with the event! So fun, I wish I lived in the area and could join you : ) xxKelly

  7. Great selection so stylish, Coat #4 was the winter coat that everyone wore when I was in high school. We called it a duffer coat, very preppie, in fact in the movie, Love Story...Ali McGraw wore one...

  8. Looking forward to FINALLY meeting come Sunday!

  9. Love #5!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  10. I'm an absolute sucker for winter wear! I love coats, boots, scarves, and hats. LOVE that emerald toggle buttons coat!

  11. I am really loving that black coat with the brown buttons! Love the composition of the buttons too!!

    P.S. Congrats on MBG! ;) Looks like we're both going to have an extremely great time! ;))) So glad you're 1 of the 8!!

  12. oh oh oh..number 6 is my fave!!
    aah I wish I was in the area to attend the event!!


  13. Love coat #2!! And I wish I could be there Sunday...I think we're going to hunker down with this crazy weather! Have so much fun though!

  14. Hi there!
    Just found you through your thankful post!
    Love your blog!
    I live in Alameda, not too far from you :)

  15. Love those coats! I think you look like the model wearing the 2nd coat! XO, wish I lived in your area so I could attend your event.

  16. I love coat number 5 :)The color is so pretty! You picked a lot of great coats, I want them all.


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