Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Places that inspire

Wishing this was where I was right now, maybe it would relieve some stress...
 Beautiful living room with the fun pops of color, geometric shapes, and architectural detail
Not sure where this is, but where ever it is, is exactly where I want to be.

 This studio belongs to the interior designer, Liz Caan. Everything about this room excites me. The awesome wallpaper, fun bookshelves, zebra hide rug, and the assortment of pillows = absolute deliciousness.

An absolute gorgeous kitchen from Lonny Mag. In love with all the white and the little breakfast nook.

So glad to have an assortment of images to draw inspiration from, which is much needed after a heck-of-a stressful day at school trying to add classes that are totally full! 

Dreaming of being in one of these spaces...



  1. Soooo refreshing... Reminds me of "Rate my Space" from HDTV!!!! I wish my computer area & kitchen was that nice!!!! :))

  2. I love that there is so much inspiration out there! Good luck with the classes. Elie went the other day, an hour early and was turned away as the parking lots/decks were full! So not fun!!


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