Sunday, August 21, 2011

50 must-haves!

Loved this checklist of the must-haves every girl should have for her closet. I must say, I am doing pretty good! But definitely in need of some pieces. Searching for a colorful skinny belt (love the splash of color), some reasonably priced tall boots, and a timeless cashmere sweater.

Found via Matchbook Mag (one of my fav online magazines)



  1. Great list! I could use this as I just finished weeding out my closet and now need to start adding the right pieces back. Love the new look!

  2. this is a great list! i need to go through and get rid of things that aren't on my list. newest follower :-) and i am having a giveaway come over to enter now!

  3. Great list! I definitely need to go run through my closet with this in hand. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my blog and commenting.


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